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Our Services

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From simple to elaborate,
DKS Custom Landscaping
specializes in creating
outdoor living environments.
Whether it's a boulder,
retaining wall, a water
feature or a fantasy
landscape, DKS
Landscaping can transform
your landscape into a
work of architectural
beauty & practicality.

Decorative Concrete

Swimming Pools


Our swimming pools are
works of art as well as feats
of engineering.
Each project encompasses
mechanical, electrical &
structural design principles
resulting in a safe,
functional & aesthetically
pleasing product your
family will enjoy
for years to come.

Complete Landscape Design & Installation

The World of Concrete
has changed dramatically
form the days of plain
gray concrete. It is now
possible for concrete
to offer the elegant
look of slate, granite, stone
or brick at a fraction of
the cost of the real thing.
Whether it's new construction
or restoration and renovation,
we offer a decorative
concrete solution
for any application.

DKS Custom Environments
does something unique with
your ready bought spa.  We've
engineered a system to install
your spa allowing us to create any deck surroundings
imaginable. Fully serviceable for peace of mind and years of enjoyment.

We create custom Waterfeatures, Ponds,
and Fountains that capture the
magical powers of water.
Each water feature we
design is a unique work of
art crafted to provide
years of beauty, lasting performance. and the look
and feel of the real
Natural environment.

Water  Features

Custom Outdoor BBQs

DKS Custom Environments
can make you the envy of your
neighborhood. We can create any size, type, or style to fit your
lifestlye & budget. All of our BBQs are equipped with the finest  stainless steel products available today. DKS ensures
that your custom BBQ will
provide years of entertainment and enjoyment.

Create a beautiful new
living space with a
custom designed patio.
Add the warmth of an
outdoor fireplace or a
barbeque grill
to give it your own
personal touch, using
pavers, flagstone,
or concrete.

There is nothing more
awe inspiring than the
union of one of nature's
most durable commodities;
stone with artisans whose
hands were meant to
work with it, individuals
whose devotion
and commitment to the craft
translates into a finished
product that will ensure
pleasure and admiration
for generations to come.

DKS Custom Environments
firepits are the ideal
addition to any
backyard. Built to
spec and building code
 for your safety. Choose
from many sizes, shapes
and styles, providing
countless hours of family enjoyment.

From simple to elaborate,
DKS Custom Environments
specializes in bringing  the
warmth of your indoors, outdoors. All fireplaces are
built to specifications and building code to ensure safety. Whether you prefer natural gas or real logs, pour your favorite glass of wine and grab that special someone to enjoy the beautiful Colorado nights.

Custom Fireplaces 

Custom Fire Pits

Masonry / Hardscapes

Retaining Walls

DKS Custom Environments
can design and build any
style of retaining wall  that will provided structural support. 
Using natural stone & vaneer
to acheive this goal, retaining
walls compliment & enhance the structure and surrounding area.


Sports Surfacing & Playgrounds

DKS Custom Environments
can provide you with the finest
Synthetic Turf in the nation.
When you're tired of watering,
mowing, fertilizing, weeding,
giving up your Saturdays this
product is for you. DKS
Custom Environments has
engineered a system of installation to ensure the
warranty of this product.
You'll have the greenest
lawn in the neighborhood
all year round.

From putting greens ,
playgrounds to sport
courts. DKS  Custom
Environments can design
any size, shape, or
configuration. Using
only the finest synthetic surfaces. DKS custom Environments will help you
achieve your sporting goals.

Synthetic Turf

Maintenance & Repairs

Concrete Countertops

DKS Custom Environments
would like to introduce to you the newest creation in concrete design. Once thouht of as an outdoor staple material, concrete is storming the gates of home interior. A kaleidoscope of colors and textures bring an elegant and artistic twist to home building design. This wonderful
tactile material can be made as smooth and shiny as a mirror or as rough-textured and non-reflective as sandpaper. Competing with solid-surface synthectics such as Corian and Avonite or natural stones like granite, marble and lime stone, without the limits of color, thickness or natural patterning.

                                              DKS Custom Environments Inc. also provides the following:

1. Concrete: re-seal, crack repair, re-color borders.
2. Water features: Clean pond, re-grout waterfalls, check and service pumps, skimmers, and check for leaks.
3. Sprinkler system: Activate system, service backflows, repair leaks, replace heads, clocks, valves, add zones, blow out in fall.     
4. SOD: Spring Aeration and Fertilization.
5. Trees & Shrubs: Tree and Shrub trimmimg, replace dead plantings.
6. Barbecues/Firepits/Fireplaces: Service all Appliances, re-grout, re-seal any masonry.
7. Pools & Spas: Service all Pumps , Heaters, Filters, and check for leaks. Weekly service plans available.
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