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Customer Care


I. How To Care For Your Landscape 
       A. Care of Plants and Lawn
       B. Lawn Care
       C. Guide- Fertilizing Your Lawn and Garden 
       D. Watering Established Lawns
       E. Home Landscape Watering During a Drought 
       F. Conserving Watering During a Drought
       G. Establishment Permits Information
       H. Application for Permit (FILL THIS OUT RIGHT AWAY!)
          I. Care of Young Transplanted Trees
        J. Healthy Roots and Healthy Trees
       K. Pruning Evergreens
       L. Pruning Shrubs
      M. Pruning Deciduous Trees
       N. Preventing Deer Damage
       O. Deer resistant Plants

II. Hunter Irrigation System Guide

       A. Hunter Owners Manual/ Pro-C
       B. Sprinkler Replacement Guide

III. Care for the Winter

       A. Fall & Winter Watering
       B. Winterizing Your Irrigation System 
      C. Irrigation System Freeze Protection
       D. Draining Procedures
                                   1. Pressure Assembly 
                                   2. Vacuum Breaker

IV. Common Disease Prevention

       A. Guide- Alternative Pest Management
       B. Friendly Pesticides for Home Gardens
       C. Non-chemical Disease Control
       D. Disease of Roses in Colorado
       E. Fire Blight
       F. Diseases of Turf Grass
                             1. Ascochyta Leaf blight of Turf
                             2. Dollar Spot Disease
                             3. Necrotic Ring Spot
                             4. Fairy Ring in Turf Grass
       G. Pinion Pine Diseases and Insects
       H. Honey locust Disease
         I. Juniper-Hawthorn Rust
       J. Powdery Mildews
       K. Leaf Spots & Melting Out Diseases
       L. Cytospora Canker
      M. Russian-Olive Decline & Gummosis
       N. Bacterial Wetwood
       O. Greenhouse Plant Viruses
        P. Aspen & Poplar Leaf Spots
       Q. Dwarf Mistletoe Management
        R. Strawberry Diseases 

V. Miscellaneous Information
       A. Ornamental Grasses
       B. Broadleaf Weed Control in Lawns
       C. Grassy Weed Control in Lawns
       D. Evergreen Trees
       E. Evergreen Shrubs for home grounds
       F. Deciduous Shrubs

VI. Pond Care
The following will be included if you have a pond

       A. Pro Pond Ecosystem Manual
       B. Finding �The Leak�
       C. Water Ordinances for Ponds
       D. Algae Control

VII. Concrete Care
The following will be included if you have concrete

       A. Concrete Use and Maintenance Guidelines

VIII. Contract

       A. This tab has been provided for your contract copy

Upon completion of your job, DKS Cusom Environments will provide you with
our exclusive Customer Care Manual, that will help you maintain and keep your new landscaping in beautiful condition. All of our work includes a 1 year warranty, less Mother Nature, abuse or neglect. We look forward to working with you.